Genshin Impact: How to Solve Kory Drum Puzzles

Kory Drum Puzzles in Genshin Impact are brain teasers added as part of the version 3.6 update. They task you with performing the correct actions to complete a rhythmic sequence, earning a reward in return. Here’s how to solve them. 

Genshin Impact Kory Drum Puzzles Explained

There are a few Kory Drum Puzzles that you’ll discover as you explore the Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhert regions of Sumeru. In fact, there are those that are part of the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain, specifically when you’re working through the Awakening’s Real Sound objective.

The rest of the Drum Puzzles, though, are found as you normally explore the game world. The example we’re using in this guide is in a cave in the Hills of Barsom area.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

In any case, to solve Kory Drum Puzzles in Genshin Impact, take note of the leaf symbols and patterns that appear on nearby. These symbols might be visible right from the start, or you might need to reveal them by bringing a Farrwick (i.e., green snitches/orbs with wings).

Each symbol corresponds to a particular action:

  • Leaf with a large hole: Pause; don’t do anything for a couple of seconds.
  • Leaf with a small hole: Normal attack.
  • Solid leaf/no hole: Plunging attack.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

When you start the rhythm challenge and perform an action, you’ll hear a chime and see a slight shimmer after a second or two have passed.

This means that the action was “saved,” and you can perform the next one. However, if you press buttons too quickly, you’ll mess up the sequence and you’ll have to restart.

Each puzzle challenge you complete will spawn a chest, so be on the lookout for them.

For example, here’s how to solve the Kory Drums Puzzle in the Hills of Barsom:

  • Main cavern: Normal attack -> pause -> normal attack -> pause -> plunging attack -> pause -> plunging attack -> pause.
  • Side cavern: Pause -> plunging attack -> pause -> normal attack -> pause -> normal attack -> pause -> plunging attack.

And that’s how to solve Kory Drum Puzzles in Genshin Impact. For more tips, head over to our Genshin Impact guides hub.

Featured image by GameSkinny.

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