Gotham Knights: Where to find (and farm) Nth Metal

The Bat families efforts to fight crime and keep the streets safe in Gotham Knights are much easier with the right gear equipped. If you’ve followed our crafting guide you know that the suits and weapons you build are some of your best options for gear, particularly the exceptionally powerful legendary items. Crafting these comes at a steep price, the ultra rare Nth Metal. Contrary to what you may see elsewhere there are effective, guaranteed ways to farm Nth Metal, and we will show you how. 

Where to get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights

There are multiple ways to acquire Nth Metal. The most simple is just farming bad guys. Enemies from any faction have a very small chance to drop Nth Metal when defeated. It’s unconfirmed, but some anecdotal evidence suggests that mini bosses, such as the Mob Godmother drop at a higher rate. 

**Mild spoiler warning**

Penguin Challenges are another option. Part-way in Gotham Knights the heroes will find themselves in an uneasy truce with The Penguin. As part of the semi-reformed villain offers rewards in exchange for completing his challenges. These can include things like defeating 3 Owls, among others. It may seem like busywork, but it’s worth doing as The Penguin is kind enough to include the elusive Nth Metal among his prizes. 

Most Wanted crimes unlock deeper into the Gotham Knights story, and task you with locating a few particularly infamous criminals among the normal rabble of generic baddies. The best way to hunt these special criminals is to watch out for higher level premeditated crimes, and scanning everyone. Any most wanted enemies will be mixed in with generic goons, but they will be the only ones with actual names. If you see that, target your efforts there. A decent bounty of Nth Material will be awarded for being the criminal to justice. 

Finally, there are the Talon Suits. These are Court of Owl themed outfits for the four characters hidden behind five secret Talon Caches. As you explore the streets of Gotham, Alfred will occasionally radio in to inform you of an energy spike. When he does, search nearby for a green mural. Unlocking the suits is all well and good, but the real prize is the Nth Metal.  Each cache you find nets you 50 of this ultra rare material. 

Once you’ve collected enough Nth Metal, it’s time to get crafting. Good thing we have a guide for that! We also have one to help you find all the collectibles strewn about Gotham, so you and any co-op friends can find everything. For those, and all of our guides, be sure to visit our Batcave dedicated Gotham Knights guides hub

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