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Grand Theft Auto VI Still On Scheduled For 2025

Take-Two CEO offers a brief comment on the next GTA game.


Fans are speculating that Rockstar Games might have a new trailer reveal soon thanks to this discovery.

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There have been several anticipated game releases but Grand Theft Auto VI might easily overshadow them. This is a game installment fans have been waiting years to receive. Rockstar Games has been chipping away at the game project and it would have been underwraps for a rather long time until the breach. If you recall, a series of leaks caused gameplay footage and details of the game to emerge online. But it wouldn’t be until the end of last year when Grand Theft Auto VI was finally showcased to the world. 

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Rockstar Games is bringing players back to Vice City in this next chapter installment. We only have one trailer to go off of right now, and it’s been dissected by fans endlessly. However, one confirmation that came at the end of this trailer was the launch window of 2025. So, for fans who were hopeful to get a chance to flee Los Santos for Vice City this year, you’re out of luck. With that said, it doesn’t look like there is any danger of Grand Theft Auto VI missing its launch window of the 2025 calendar year. Recently, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had spoken during an earnings call. 

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As you can imagine, there were plenty of questions on what the outlook is for Grand Theft Auto VI. Thanks to a report from Gamesradar, we’re finding out that Strauss noted there is still the push from Rockstar Games to deliver perfection. It’s all about topping Grand Theft Auto V, which was a massive release and sold incredibly well. With that said, it’s still set for a launch within the 2025 calendar year, as Strauss did mention that there are financial incentives to ensure the development process doesn’t drag on forever. Something Ubisoft’s CEO is also likely hopeful for after his recent comments.

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That might be hopeful for players who want to dive into this game within the upcoming year. But again, we’re still waiting for more marketing materials to hit the web. We haven’t received anything besides the first trailer, which gave us a look at the new modern take on Vice City. Furthermore, we are looking at our protagonist, Lucia, a female prison inmate who is seemingly free and now evading the clutches of law enforcement. But the finer details of the storyline are still very much a mystery right now. If you have yet to look at the trailer, you’ll find it embedded below. 

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