Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos Release Date Confirms Summer Launch

In a series of tweets, Natsume Inc. has revealed long-awaited details regarding the upcoming release of Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos. While it was previously revealed that the highly anticipated farming sim would release sometime in 2023, more in-depth details had been kept under wraps. 

However, we now have a more specific window of time in which we should expect the new title to launch. Natsume has confirmed that The Winds of Anthos will arrive this summer, although an official release date has not yet been set. 

The team at Natsume continued to post more details regarding The Winds of Anthos on their official Twitter account throughout the days that followed this reveal. In addition to confirming that The Winds of Anthos will be released this summer, Natsume Inc. also revealed that the new installment will be available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Tweets by Natsume Inc. further confirmed story and gameplay elements that we’ll see in the upcoming Harvest Moon installment. Alongside screenshots from the game, we learned more about the characters we’ll meet in Providence Village, the in-game location, and farming features.  

One such revealed character is Westley, who states that you might call him the leader of Providence Village. 

The location is said to be home to many villagers who sought refuge following an eruption that threatened their own villages and is described by Natsume as a multicultural hub. 

Alongside these story elements, Natsume gave us a look at animals like cows and cats that you will be able to raise in The Winds of Anthos, confirming that some, including horses, will serve as in-game mounts. 

Finally, the team provided fans with some screenshots of in-game farming features, revealing images of crop fields with flowers and Peach Pineapples, as well as shops where seeds can be purchased. 

We are anticipating more news from Natsume Inc. regarding the release of The Winds of Anthos in the coming months. Having received such a hefty first-hand look at the upcoming title, it’s safe to say the future of Harvest Moon looks bright. 

Featured image via Natsume.

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