Hello Neighbor 2 Cage Code Solution Guide

Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 puts you in the fire from the start. There’s no slow build like in other chapters, and Peterson will be at his most diabolical. But none of that matters if you can’t figure out the cage code solution and escape the Museum attic. The answer to opening this lock is perhaps one of the most perplexing in the entire game. 

This guide is part of our larger Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 walkthrough, so if you’re looking for more tips for getting through the Museum one last time after you’ve escaped the cage, head over here to see how to escape the final boss

How to Solve the Cage Code in Act 5

You’ll notice that this combination lock is similar to the combination lock from the dollhouse puzzle in Act 1. This time, however, the lock has two more discs for a total of five, they’re colored, and they’re numbered 0 to 9 instead of etched with letters. The code can be deciphered by finding five colored toy blocks with numbers on them around the room. 

From the cage door, turn around and look down at the board game on the floor by the lamp on the floor. You’ll see two numbers to the solution in the game: 5 on a purple block and 7 on a green block. 

Go behind the curtain to the bed, and face toward the cage door. You’ll see two more blocks here; 2 on a blue block on the headboard of the bed and 3 on an orange block on the curtain to the right. Turn left, and you’ll see 0 on a red block attached to the digital clock on the bed-side table. 

Cage Code Answer

The code, then, is 75203. The catch is that since you’re inside the cage, that number must be on the outside of the combination lock. From your perspective, the code must be backwards to work. So the answer is 30257

With the cage code solved in Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5, you’re almost at the end of your investigation. Now all you have to do is escape a super-human Peterson and find a way out of the Museum. 

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