Hello Neighbor 2 Guide: How to Get the Scissors in Act 1

Just like its predecessor, Hello Neighbor 2 has plenty of puzzles and riddles to solve. Early in Act 1, you’ll need to find the scissors to gain access to the second floor of Peterson’s house and nab two of four keys needed to open the locked basement door. But search as you may, you won’t actually find the shears in the house. So where are they? 

Where are the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2?

The scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 are actually in a house across the street from Peterson’s House. You can get these at any time, either before you enter Peterson’s House, or after you solve the dollhouse puzzle or crack the downstairs safe code

Look for the green house with the blue treehouse across the street from Peterson’s terrifying abode. Go around to the back of the house, and use the trampoline to reach the roof; jump on the trampoline at least two times to get the height you need. From there, jump over to the second story of the treehouse, and go inside. 

How to Solve the Robot Arm Puzzle

You’ll see a train set hub on the left side of the room (with its tracks going around the room) and a cardboard robot (knight) on the right side by the door. The scissors are inside the cardboard depot on the table, but you can’t just pluck them out.

Instead, head over to the drawing of the robot in the back left corner. Move it to get the robot’s arm. Place the arm on the right side of the actual cardboard robot by the door.

Now position both of the arms (left and right) to reflect the positions in the drawing, which will open a compartment in the robot’s chest, revealing a switch handle.

Take the switch handle, and combine it with the switchboard to the left of the cardboard depot at the train set. Flip the switch to change the track for the model train, which will push the scissors out of the cardboard depot.

Now that you have the scissors, you can cut the police tap on the stairwell and access the second story of Peterson’s House in Hello Neighbor 2, Act 1. There you’ll find the photo frame puzzle and the race car puzzle, both of which give you two more keys to the locked basement door. 

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