Hello Neighbor 2 Guide: How to Solve the Dollhouse Puzzle in Act 1

Hello Neighbor 2 wastes no time throwing you into its often opaque puzzles. Once you reach Peterson’s house in Act 1, you’ll find a dollhouse in the kitchen — the same magical model home from the original game. Solving the puzzle rewards you with one of four keys that open the locked basement door in the den. To do so, you’ll need to know where to find three dolls hidden in different locations on the first floor. 

Looking at the dollhouse, you’ll notice that there are three wooden stands on the replica house: one on the far left, one in the middle, and one on the right. You’ll need to place the dolls you find on these stands in a specific order. You can find that order by looking at the drawing on the nearby refrigerator.

How to Find the Dolls in Hello Neighbor 2

Girl Doll Location

Facing the dollhouse, look for the red board nailed to the right wall (the wall separating the kitchen from the den). Use the crowbar to remove the red board to reveal a hidey-hole with the doll inside. 

Neighbor Doll Location

With your back to the dollhouse, exit the kitchen through the door in front of you (which leads into the hall with the bathroom on your right and the stairs on your left). Go to the base of the stairs, and turn completely around to look toward the bathroom, down the hall from where you just came. 

You’ll notice a tall hiding cabinet against the wall to your right that has a painting hanging above it, almost touching the ceiling. Climb up the cabinet, and interact with the painting to move it, revealing a small passageway that overlooks the kitchen. Grab the neighbor doll at the end. 

Boy Doll Location

Knowing where to find the boy doll is perhaps one of the more vexing parts of the dollhouse puzzle solution. Drop down out of the duct where you found the neighbor doll, and turn right, facing the wall below the stairs. Interact with the painting of the mountain road scene on the wall. 

Letter Code Combination Lock Solution

When it moves, you’ll see a combination lock with three lettered disks of seven letters each. You can find the combination by going to the nearby room with the safe, and turning on the TV. A show called Nouds of Tanure will play, and you’ll need to enter the show’s acronym into the combination lock. So, the solution is the word NOT

With the right combination, a secret door will open in the wall to the right of the lock. Grab the boy doll from the shelf inside on the right. 

Dollhouse Puzzle Solution

With all three dolls in hand, head back to the dollhouse in the kitchen. Place the dolls in the following order:

  • Girl doll: Left
  • Boy doll: Middle
  • Neighbor doll: Right. 

A secret compartment on the left side of the dollhouse will open once you’ve placed the final doll. Take the dollhouse key to open the third lock on the barred basement door. 

With that, you’ve solved the dollhouse puzzle in Act 1 of Hello Neighbor 2 and have one more key to open the basement. There are plenty more riddles and conundrums to decipher and decode, so head over to our guides hub for the game for more tips and tricks. 

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