Hello Neighbor 2 Guide: How to Solve the Model House Puzzle in Act 2

At the end of Hello Neighbor 2 Act 2, you’ll be able to finally enter the Museum and see what Peterson’s been up to. He keeps a close eye on both floors of building, and it’s easy to get caught, especially since all of the doors are locked! To begin gaining access to the various rooms in the area, you’ll need to solve the model house puzzle to get the Heart Key, one of several Museum keys found across the next several chapters. 

This guide is part of our larger Hello Neighbor 2 Act 2 walkthrough. If you’re looking for more puzzle solutions and tips for navigating Peterson’s house and the surrounding areas on Day 2, head over there. We also have complete walkthroughs for Act 3, Act 4, and Act 5

How to Find the Model Houses in Hello Neighbor 2

From the Museum entrance (where the shovel is leaned against the reception table), go right into a side room. Here, you’ll see a map of the town on the right side. There are three empty spots on the map, each representing a model a house. The safe to the left of the map, which contains the Heart Key you’re after, opens once you’ve placed the three model houses.

House 1 Location

The first house, representing the Museum, is easy enough to find. It’s on top of the safe to the left of the map. Place it in the back right corner. 

House 2 Location

The second house, representing Mr. Otto’s house, which you’ll visit in Act 3, can be found on the first floor, in the room with the fireplace patrolled by Peterson. Enter that room through the main door, and turn right immediately. You’ll see a display case covered with a cobweb. Use the scissors to cut the web and retrieve the house. Place this model on the far left of the map. 

House 3 Location

The third house, representing Peterson’s abode, can be found in the same room as the second model. It’s on the left side of the room, in a display case against the far left wall, behind the two vertical display cases with dolls in them. You’ll need to smash the glass, which alerts Peterson, for this one. Place the model in the middle of the map when you retrieve it. 

Model House Puzzle Solution 

Again, here’s the correct order to solve the model house puzzle:

  • Pink Model House: Top right corner.
  • Brown Model House: Far left side.
  • Blue Model House: Middle.

Once you’ve placed all of the model houses in the correct locations on the map, the safe to the left will open, giving you a key to the locked door behind you in the same room. 

Now that you’ve solved the model house puzzle in the Museum, you’ll enter an inverted hallway with another lite puzzle involving a sconce and a plague doctor painting. Put the sconce on the left side of the painting, pull both sconces on either side of the painting, and grab the Heart Key from the table in the secret room. For more guides and walkthroughs, head over to our Hello Neighbor 2 tips hub

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