Hi-Fi RUSH: How to Fix Missing Achievements Error

Hi-Fi RUSH, the surprise rhythm action game shadow-dropped by Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, has quickly gained traction with a huge audience. Unfortunately, some Hi-Fi RUSH players on Xbox and PC have been experiencing a major, yet not game-breaking, bug. Depending on your knack for achievement hunting, the missing achievements error could be a non-issue or a huge bummer.

How to Fix the Missing Achievements Error

Some Hi-Fi RUSH players have reported (via Reddit) that the game’s achievements are not unlocking for them. If you are running into this error, here is how you can attempt to fix it. 

If you are playing on Xbox Series X or S, first quit the game and remove it from your Quick Resume queue. Now, whether on Xbox or PC, restart your system. Before you boot your device up again, you’ll want to run a check on your internet connection to make sure you have a reliable connection. Achievements popping is tied to you being online and connected to the server. 

If you’ve found your internet connection is not the issue, a hard restart of your console or PC will likely get the job done. If that still doesn’t fix the issue, you can check the Xbox Server Status in case Microsoft’s online gaming services are down. 

We’ve found those solutions will solve the issue for a majority of players. However, if none of the above fixes worked for you, you might just have to wait until Tango Gameworks releases a patch to address the missing achievements error officially. For more updates and walkthroughs on Hi-Fi RUSH, check out the Gameskinny guide hub.

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