Hideo Kojima says Physint’s happening because you lot just wouldn’t stop asking for ‘a new Metal Gear’ and, after a brush with death, he’s decided that’s not a bad idea

Hideo Kojima has relaunched the Hideo Kojima YouTube show ‘HideoTube’, a Hideo Kojima production starring Hideo Kojima. Okay I’ll stop with the obvious jokes, but this is a new episode (“The HideoTube 2024 special”, no less) in a series that stopped shortly after the creator’s acrimonious departure from Konami, and the first new entry in seven years. It’s an hourlong and wide-ranging chat between Kojima, host Risa Unai, and various talking heads involved with Kojima Productions’ work. 

I’m the biggest Kojima fan in the world, but I will admit the man is not shy about blowing his own horn. A whole bunch of the running time is Kojima and company re-watching the recent trailers for Death Stranding 2, OD and the Physint announcement and then talking about how good they are. Which is a bit like getting pleasure from the smell of your own farts, but I watched through for the good stuff so you don’t have to. 

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