Hogwarts Legacy: All Enemies and Their Weaknesses Guide

There are many different enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, and each type has its own weaknesses that can be easily exploited with specific spells. Our guide will provide you with a list of all enemies and their weaknesses in Hogwarts Legacy, including the best spells against them.

Hogwarts Legacy Enemy Weaknesses

Trolls and Their Weaknesses

There are a number of trolls in the game that carry heavy clubs and deal tons of damage. They also have a lot of HP, so it will take some powerful spells to defeat them.

Here is a list of all trolls in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Fighter Troll
  • Forest Troll
  • Fortified Troll
  • Mountain Troll
  • Quagmire Troll
  • River Troll
  • Armoured Troll

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Trolls are very slow and have short range, so keep moving around them and use ranged spells.
  • The Throw spell as well as the Ancient Magic spell will deal massive damage to trolls.

Guardians and Their Weaknesses

There is a class of ancient guardian statues that are just as heavy as trolls, but be careful as they deal damage in quick, powerful blows.

Here is a list of all guardians in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Pensieve Sentry
  • Pensieve Sentinel
  • Pensieve Protector
  • Pensieve Guardian

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Guardians become vulnerable once they lose their weapons, so try to disarm them as quickly as possible with the Expelliarmus spell.
  • Once disarmed, use Ancient Magic and Throw to deal damage to them.

Dark Wizards and Their Weaknesses

Dark Wizards are your basic wizards and witches that have mastered certain force spells that can be quite hurtful if not taken care of timely.

Here is a list of all Dark Wizards in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Ashwinder Duelist
  • Ashwinder Scout
  • Ashwinder Assassin
  • Ashwinder Soldier
  • Ashwinder Executioner
  • Ashwinder Ranger
  • Poacher Duellist
  • Poacher Tracker
  • Poacher Ranger
  • Poacher Executioner
  • Poacher Animagus
  • Poacher Stalker

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Once Dark Wizards attack, you can easily defend yourself using spells like Protego.
  • Dark Wizards have almost no defensive spells of their own, so be sure to strike them as soon as you see an opportunity with any damage spell you have learned thus far.

Spiders and Their Weaknesses

Spiders deal poison damage. The Anti Venom helps you deal with  safely withstand these attacks.

Here is a list of all spiders in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Thornback Shooter
  • Thornback Hatchling
  • Venomous Scurriour
  • Venomous Hatchling
  • Venomous Shooter
  • Venomous Matriarch
  • Thornback Scurriour
  • Thornback Ambusher
  • Thornback Matriarch

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Spiders are highly susceptible to burning curses, but players must be very careful not to get damaged by their poison.
  • The best strategy would be to use Incendio spell right before a spider prepares to attack you, and once its attack has been prevented, use Confringo spell to defeat the monster.

Inferius and Their Weaknesses

Inferius are zombie-like creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. There is only one type of these enemies, which requires players to have the Necromantic Protection to be able to deflect their damage.

Their main weakness is fire damage, so use the same spells against Inferius as with spiders: Incendio and Confringo.

Goblins and Their Weaknesses

Goblins are faster and more skillful with weapons than trolls. They use crossbows, as well as magic spells of their own.

Here is a list of all goblins in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Loyalist Ranger
  • Loyalist Commander
  • Loyalist Sentinel
  • Loyalist Warrior
  • Loyalist Assassin

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • All goblins are weak to Stupefy spell, which stuns them and leaves them unconscious for a period of time.
  • Other control spells, including Arresto Momentum, Expelliarmus, and Descendo, can also be effectively used against goblins.

Beasts and Their Weaknesses

There is also a number of dugbog and mongrel beasts in the game that typically charge at players for some heavy attacks, which ultimately can be easily dodged.

Here is a list of all the beasts in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Great Spined Dugbog
  • Cottongrass Dugbog
  • Dark Mongrel
  • The Grim Mongrel
  • The White Wolf

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Dugbogs often blend with the environment, so in order to detect them use Revelio spell, and then use Levioso to lift them into the air by their tongues for an easy defeat.
  • A charging mongrel can be easily stopped by the Depulso spell, which repels their attacks with considerable force.

Death Enemies and Their Weaknesses

The final and hardest type of enemies you’ll encounter in the game is the three monsters summoned by Death himself.

Here is a list of all Death enemies in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Death’s Troll
  • Death’s Dark Mongrel
  • Death’s Shadow

Here are their main weaknesses:

  • Death enemies cannot be defeated by anything else except an Elder Wand, which can be obtained during Niamh Fitzgerald’s quest.
  • The most powerful spell you can use against these enemies is Avada Kedavra.

Those are all enemies and their weaknesses in Hogwarts Legacy. Stay tuned for more Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks articles. If you’re running into the blue characters bug, we’ve got a fix for that. We’ve also covered the black screen bug and provided potential solutions for the game crashing on PC.

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