Honkai Star Rail: Should You Choose Stelle or Caelus? Answered

There are two choices for your main character in Honkai Star Rail, and you may be wondering whether you should pick Stelle or Caelus as your Trailblazer. Here’s what you need to know about the Receptacles and this early game selection, as well as their Combat Types, Paths, Stats, and more. 

Stelle or Caelus: Which One Should Should You Pick? 

When you start Honkai Star Rail, you’ll go through the tutorial as Kafka and Silver Wolf. Eventually, you’ll learn that neither is the game’s main playable character when you’re asked to choose between two Receptacles, Stelle and Caelus. 

You can only choose one, and once you do, you’ll be asked to enter a chosen nickname/codename. This nickname will replace “A Namless” with whatever you decide when redeeming codes on the HSR website. But should you choose one over the other? 

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear to matter if you choose Stelle or Caelus. It neither affects the storyline nor the gameplay in HSR. Indeed, it ultimately comes down to whether you want to play a male or female character and whichever you feel more comfortable with. 

Keep in mind that you can’t switch between Stelle and Caelus later, so your decision is final unless you make an alternate account. 

Stelle vs. Caelus: Combat Types, Paths, and Starting Stats

Both Stelle and Caelus have the same Combat Types, Paths, and starting stats, so it’s not a matter of “X vs Y” or one character over another in this regard. Again, deciding which main character to pick in Honkai Star Rail comes down to what you want them to look like. 

Regardless of who you choose, these are the basic starting stats, Combat Types, and Path Types for both Stelle and Caelus. 

  • Combat Type: Physical — Physical attacks trigger Weakness Break, which can deal Physical damage, Physical damage over time (DoT), and Bleed. 
  • Path Type: Destruction — This Path deals outstanding amounts of damage and possesses great survivability. Well suited for various combat scenarios. 
  • Starting Stats
    • HP: 163
    • ATK: 84
    • DEF: 62
    • SPD: 100
    • Crit Rate: 5.0%
    • Crit Damage: 50%
  • Skills
    • Basic ATK: Farwell Hit (Single Target) — Deals Physical DMG equal to 50% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to a single enemy. 
    • Talent: Perfect Pickoff (Enhance) — Each time after this character inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, ATK increases by 10%. This effect stacks up to two times. 
    • Technique: Immortal Third Strike (Restore) — Immediately heals all allies for 15% of their respective Max HP after using this Technique.
    • Skill: RIP Home Run (Blast) — Deals Physical DMG equal to 62% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to a single enemy adjacent to it. Costs 1 Skill Point. 
    • Ultimate: Stardust Ace (Enhance) — Choose between two attacks.
      • Farewell Hit strikes a single target and deals Physical DMG equal to 300% of the Trailblazer’s ATK. Costs 120 Energy.
      • RIP Home Run deal Physical DMG equal to 180% of the Trailblazer’s ATK to one enemy and 108% to enemies adjacent to it. 

That answers the question of whether you should pick Stelle or Caelus in Honkai Star Rail. It ultimately doesn’t matter which Reseptacle you choose for your Trailblazer outside of cosmetics and appearance. For more, head over to our growing HSR guides page

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