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How do the Campfires work in Diablo 4

Have you ever noticed that certain areas in Diablo 4 let you stoke a Campfire? They’re not just for show. Let’s discuss how the Campfires work in Diablo 4.

What are the Campfires for in Diablo 4

Throughout your time playing Diablo 4, you’ll inevitably come across a Legion event, which is one of the many timed events. At these Legion events, you’ll probably find a Campfire. But how do the Campfires actually work in Diablo 4? If you stoke a Campfire, you can get some interesting buffs. If you notice a strange white icon on your map with a ticking time bar on it, this is an overworld Legion event.

You’ll only have five minutes or less to make your way there, and you’ll meet up with other players online. You should get to a Legion event before it starts, because you’ll want to interact with the Campfire. Using them will give you a bonus for when you’re knee-deep in the fight ahead.

Once you stoke the fire, your character will get an XP bonus, to a max of 15%. This way, once the Legion event finally begins, you’ll be able to earn a lot more XP than you originally would.

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The one downside to this Campfire is the fact that there is a range on it. To receive the bonus, try to fight nearby it enough. How close do you have to be? Well, looking above your hotbar, you’ll notice a spot where buffs appear.

If you’re able to read your Campfire bonus, that means you’re in its radius. But if it disappears you’re too far from it and you won’t receive the benefits. Also, notice the number on top of it? The sooner you get to the event, and the longer you stoke the fire before the event starts, the closer you’ll get to that full 15% buff.

Hopefully, you now better understand how Campfires work and how you can take advantage of them. There are plenty of features in Diablo 4 that can be confusing to new players, such as the ability to reroll item stats.

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