How to Break Large Rocks in Harvestella

Hopefully you like stone gardens, because you can’t break large rocks in Harvestella until much later in your journey. You need a better tool to break large rocks, but unlike other farm-sim games, you can’t just splash out some cash to get better equipment. The hammer requires a faery’s blessing, and in Harvestella, earning those blessings means putting in quite a bit of work.

How to Break Large Rocks in Harvestella

You need to upgrade your hammer to break large rocks. Your default hammer is only good for the small, normal rocks scattered around your farm. It won’t make a dent on the large rocks, no matter how many times you try hitting them, so don’t waste your stamina.

Working around the large stones may seem frustrating at first, but it won’t take long before you can get a new hammer.

How to Upgrade the Hammer in Harvestella

The Great Earth Faery gives you an upgraded hammer once you complete six of her tasks, as set out in the book in your home. You meet the Great Faeries during Chapter 3, and the Earth Faery in Chapter 3C specifically, while on a visit to Argene.You can complete the branching paths of Chapter 3 in any order, so if you’re desperate to get a new hammer quickly, put A and B on the backburner.

The Earth Faery’s task book includes growing winter crops, crafting items, and building rapport. The winter crop requirements are naturally the slowest, since you have to actually wait until winter, buy winter crop seeds, and grow them. 

Anything you completed before meeting the Earth Faery will automatically be ticked off the order book after you strike up this relationship, which should help speed the process of clearing six orders along a bit.

Once you have the upgraded hammer, all you need to do is hold the button and release to take a crack at the large rocks.

That’s all you need to know about how to break large rocks in Harvestella, but check out our other Harvestella guides for more tips and tricks.

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