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How To Find The Coral Snakes Hideout In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features two sprawling countries to explore during the main quest: Vermund and Battahl. It won’t take long once you’ve made your way into Battahl that you stumble across one of the first side quests in the area: Mercy among Thieves.




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What starts as a simple matter of stopping some bandits from raiding oxcarts evolves into an emotional tale of risk and betrayal. Mercy among Thieves might surprise you with its epic chase and cinematic conclusion which opens the door to more quests later.

How To Start Mercy Among Thieves

The quest-giver for Mercy among Thieve in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Once you pass through the gate into Battahl, you’ll see a small oxcart stand on the left side of the road (from the gate).

Approach the man next to the oxcart sign, who will speak to you about some bandits who are robbing oxcarts along the road – the Coral Snakes.

Once you’ve finished speaking with the man, Mercy among Thieves will begin, and you’ll be left to find the Coral Snakes on your own.

How To Complete Mercy Among Thieves

The first civilian during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Your first order of business is to question the nearby citizens about the location of the Coral Snakes’ Hideout.

Approach the two men near the oxcart stand, closer to the gate, and you’ll get more information about the location of the Coral Snakes’ Hideout.

Two men speak at the start of Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

After you’ve heard about the location, follow the road into Battahl.

Track Down The Coral Snakes

The Coral Snakes Hideout On Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Along the road, you’ll bump into some citizens who were victimized by the Coral Snakes’ raids.

Chat with the citizen who directs you toward the crags to the west, then hurry along the road to the site of the oxcart raid.

Pursue Hugo To Find The Coral Snakes

The Oxcart Raid during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

When you arrive at the raid, several Coral Snakes will flee, including Hugo; pursue him.

Run after Hugo and follow him into a canyon toward the Coral Snake’s Hideout.

When you arrive, you’ll see Hugo reprimanding two Coral Snakes members, but they quickly notice you and attack.

Hugo admonishes gang members during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Fight off the Coral Snakes, then continue into the canyon.

Out Of The Canyon, Into The Hideout

Hugo runs across a bridge that breaks in Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Run after Hugo once more and you’ll come into a canyon room with a series of platforms and ladders.

Hugo will dash across the bridge and break it, forcing you to find a new route to follow him.

You enter the room on the left side, but the door is on the right side of the canyon, so you must find a way over to pursue Hugo.

The simplest route is by dropping into the canyon and progressing to the far wall from the entrance.

Alternatively, if you have a Weapon Skill that allows you to clear gaps, you can use it here to bypass the small puzzle.

Head to the back wall where a ladder will take you up to the scaffolding on the right side.

Make sure to grab the
chest with ten Blighting Arrows
on the ground near the back wall before heading up the ladder.

Run back toward the entrance while on the right side scaffolding, and you’ll find another ladder upwards when you’re close to the room’s entrance.

Take this ladder, and you’ll reach the door where Hugo fled out of the canyon and can continue your pursuit.

Head through the cavern where you’ll spot Hugo guiding some kids out of the hideout.

The two hideout doors during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Hugo will flee again, and the gate will close behind him, but there’s another door on the right side of the room.

Fight two bandits while you pursue Hugo through the passage, then proceed to the exit.

Hugo stands in a clearing during Mercy among Thieves Hugo In Dragon's Dogma 2.

Once you exit the canyon, you’ll spy Hugo standing in a large clearing.

Approach Hugo to trigger another cutscene where he will flee, and help will arrive.

The Coral Snakes’ Hideout

The Coral Snakes' Hideout during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Once Hugo flees, you’ll be joined by Benjamin and several other Battahli, ready to fight.

An all-out brawl will ensue where you, the pawns, and a battalion of Battahli will fight their way through the Coral Snakes’ Hideout.

Make sure to
loot all the chests
along the walls before leaving.

Once the battle concludes, look toward the opposite side of the canyon from where you entered, and you’ll find a pathway that leads up and out of the hideout.

The exit from the Coral Snakes' Hideout during Mercy among Thieves in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Progress up the pathway, you’ll trigger the quest’s concluding cutscene.

Lanzo leaves Hugo behind, and Benjamin arrests Hugo.

What Rewards Do You Get from Completing Mercy Among Thieves?

The Arisen receives the Mercy among Thieves Reward in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Benjamin congratulates you on your work and lets you know that Hugo will be brought into custody for further questioning, ending the quest.

For your troubles, you’ll receive the following:

  1. 8,000 G
  2. 4,000 XP

While this quest will end, the Hugo saga will continue later. This will not be the last you hear from our betrayed former Coral Snake.


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