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How To Get And Use Treasure Totems In Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley draws players into the pleasures of farm life, providing a rich simulation where you can cultivate, harvest, raise livestock, and complete a range of tasks, including discovering valuable artifacts buried beneath the ground. However, finding these artifacts can be challenging, as they are often located in elusive or hard-to-reach spots on the map.




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However, the game’s version 1.6 update introduces a new item: Treasure Totems. When you place totems on the ground, it creates a ring of artifact spots, where players will efficiently look to dig up useful items. Nonetheless, getting this indispensable resource is not a walk in the park either.

How To Get Treasure Totems

Screenshots of Skills progression in menu in Stardew Valley

To obtain the Treasure Totems, you have to craft them. To get the crafting recipe, you must first unlock the Mastery section in your Skill Menu, which requires you to max out all five skills. Once you have achieved this, a Mastery bar will appear below these skills. Continue building up your experience points to fill this bar.

Upon completion, you will earn your first Mastery Point, which can be used in the Mastery Cave located within the Cindersap Forest.

Inside the cave, you will encounter five pillars, each representing a different skill. To obtain the recipe for the Treasure Totem, select the Pillar of Foraging Mastery.

Once you have obtained the recipe, you can craft Treasure Totem using the following resources.







Mystic Syrup


To obtain Hardwood, head to Cindersap Forest and use your axe to break the stumps. Moss can be found on trees covered with green material. On the other hand, Mystic Syrup can be obtained by tapping Mystic Trees. Alongside the Treasure Totem recipe, you will also receive the Mystic Tree Seed when gaining the Foraging Mastery, which you can utilize to grow a Mystic Tree.

How To Use Treasure Totems

treasure totem recipe popped up on crafting menu in stardew valley.

After crafting your first Treasure Totem, access it from your inventory and position it in an area with diggable soil. As you place it, a circle of worm tiles will appear around you, indicating the spots where artifacts can be found. Use your hoe to dig through the area and uncover valuable artifacts and rewards.


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