How to Get Pelagic Clay in FFXIV

One of the main objectives of FFXIV is to strengthen the Grand Companies. In order to do so, you’ll need to complete certain tasks and assignments for your respective company. One such item that is needed to come out on top is called Pelagic Clay. Here’s how to get it.

What is Pelagic Clay in FFXIV?

Pelagic Clay is a crafting material in FFXIV. It is a reagent comprised of eolean dust and the bones of marine creatures. It’s found in the deepest seas. It is used for crafting items in the Company Workshop and for unlocking certain items.

How to Obtain Pelagic Clay in FFXIV?

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Pelagic Clay can be obtained by completing Free Company Submarine Ventures, such as Nald’thal’s Pipe, The Kraken’s Tomb, Sea of Jade 1, 2, and 4, Rogo-Tumu-Here’s Repose, Tangaroa’s Prow, The Forest of Kelp, Stormport, Mastbound’s Bounty and Sirensong Sea 1. You can also purchase Pelagic Clay from the Item Vendor in the Player Housing area.

What are the Uses of Pelagic Clay in FFXIV?

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Pelagic Clay can be used in FFXIV for various crafting activities. It is used to craft items in the Company Workshop, such as Half-timbered House Prototype, Anvil House Prototype, Florist House Prototype, Forge Prototype, Cafe Prototype, and Gingerbread House Prototype. It can also be used to unlock certain items, such as Synthetic Resin and Cocobolo Lumber.

The best object you can create with Pelagic Clay is the Half-timbered House Prototype. It is used to build a Half-timbered House, which is a large and sturdy residential building. The Half-timbered House is the strongest type of housing available in the game and can be upgraded to further increase its durability.

That’s that on Pelagic Clay in FFXIV. There’s so much more to do in the long-running Square Enix MMO, and we have plenty of content on the game right over here. For those jumping back in or grinding through update 6.3, we also have guides on unlocking the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid and obtaining the Corgi Minion

Featured image via Square Enix.

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