How to Recharge Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Emblems are important factors in almost every battle in Fire Emblem Engage. They may even be the turning tide in some conflicts, saving you from utter defeat in the nick of time. And while the game does a good job of tutorializing most of its mechanics, it’s easy to overlook some, including how to recharge emblem rings. 

We’ve already gone over how to swap emblem rings, which is another essential bit of knowledge to get the most out of every character and combination on the game’s higher difficulties. But once you’re in the heat of battle, you won’t be able to rely on emblems if their bonds aren’t charged. 

How to See Emblem Ring Charges

When in battle, you’ll notice an emblem portrait to the lower left of any character with an equipped ring. There will be seven small bars encircling the portrait (why not eight, I have no idea). These bars represent your emblem energy. You will start each battle with full energy, indicated by the pulsing blue light around the portrait. 

Once you engage an emblem and syn a character with it, you will have three turns of energy to use; the number above the portrait indicates how many turns are left. However, when that power is depleted, any engaged character will desync from the emblem, losing access to its attacks and bonuses until the energy is refilled. 

Recharging Emblem Rings

To sync/engage with the emblem again, you’ll need to recharge your emblem ring. There are two ways to recharge emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage

  • Attacking enemies.
  • Gathering Emblem Energy.

The first method, attacking enemies, is fairly self-explanatory. You will need to attack enemies three times to refill an emblem ring fully. However, it’s important to note that this also includes counterattacks, so it’s possible to regain full power in two turns. 

The second method, gathering emblem energy, is a bit more nebulous. On most maps, though not all, you’ll find blue pools of energy on the ground. These refill emblem energy if an engaged character waits or finishes their turn on them. 

Now that you know how to recharge emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll rarely find yourself without their buffs and skills, no matter if it’s a story battle or a skirmish. For more tips, check out our FE: Engage guides page.

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