How to Skip Cutscenes in Forspoken

The ability to skip cutscenes in story-driven games hasn’t been standardized. Some games allow you to jump ahead, utilizing different methods to get past the story and back into the gameplay, while others still don’t let you skip the cinematics no matter where they show up. With that said, you’re probably wondering if you can you skip cutscenes in Forspoken

Forspoken: Skipping Cutscenes Explained

There are different types of cutscenes: pre-rendered and in-engine. Most games, from RPGs to action-adventure titles, tend to feature highly polished pre-rendered scenes (what would be traditional cinematics) along with tons of in-engine scenes, which are often dialogue-heavy — and as is often the case with JRPGs, with more static cameras and limited character animations. This is how Forspoken works. 

To skip the in-engine cutscenes, press the X button on a PlayStation controller (A if using an Xbox equivalent on PC) to jump past each dialogue box. In short, these sequences can’t be skipped entirely; you can only skip text box by text box. You’ll sometimes have to wait a second or two for the next text box to load in, so be patient. It isn’t as instantaneous as you might hope. 

Skipping individual text boxes is also possible during the higher-fidelity, pre-rendered cinematics if you want to see what happens but move forward more quickly. However, pre-rendered cinematics can be skipped by pausing the game and selecting the “skip” command from the pause screen.

Forspoken sometimes plays multiple cinematics in a row, and if you want to skip the story, that means you’ll sometimes have to pause and skip more than once before control is given back. But, if you do want to see everything Forspoken has to offer from its narrative, it also means you won’t accidentally skip cutscenes, either. For more on Luminous Productions’ RPG, head over to our Forspoken guides hub

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