How to use Photo Mode in Forspoken – Photo Mode Guide

Photo Mode in Forspoken allows you to take custom screenshots, which can be a real treat with the game’s breathtaking environments and effects. It’s not the most detailed one out there, but with patience and skill, you can do a lot with what’s here. Let’s go over how to use Photo Mode effectively.

Forspoken Photo Mode Settings and What They Do

To activate Photo Mode, press start at any point in regular gameplay, including combat, and select Photo Mode. Doing so will stop all the action exactly when you enter the mode.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

In Photo Mode, you can move the camera in a sphere immediately around Frey, though you can’t go beneath the ground or through any nearby walls. Once you reach the end of the camera’s tether, it will stop moving, and you’ll need to either find another angle or take Frey to a different location.

There are fourteen settings within Forspoken’s photo mode, and many of them are likely familiar to both hobbyists and professional photographers. They are:

  • Frame — Put the currently captured image in a digital frame.
  • Vignette Size — Determines the size of the vignette effect at the edges of the screen. This option is disabled until a vignette is added.
  • Vignette — Applies a light vignette darkening effect to the edges of the screen.
  • Filter Blend — Raises or lowers the intensity of the applied filter from 100% using all of it to 0% being the default image. This option is disabled until a filter is applied.
  • Filter — Applies a red, blue, green, or purple filter to the image.
  • Distortion — Adds a spherical distortion to the image, pulling the middle of it forward.
  • Brightness — Alters the brightness of the image.
  • Color Saturation — Increases or decreases the vibrancy of colors within the image, from bright to near-grey.
  • Contrast — Alters the image’s contrast, enhancing the shadows or brightening the whites.
  • Adjust Exposure — Alters, the simulated film exposure of the image, either brightening all light sources or dimming them to near-black.
  • Adjust Focus — Moves the focal point of the simulated camera forward or backward, putting nearer or farther away objects into better view. Depth of Field must be altered for this option to be active.
  • Depth of Field — Alters the focal distance of the simulated camera, bringing more bringing farther objects into focus while blurring closer objects and vice-versa.
  • Angle — Changes the angle of the image up to 180 degrees.
  • Zoom — Zooms in or out of the center of the current image.

You also have control of where the camera aims with either the mouse or control sticks, so if you’d like to take a landscape photo, you can bring the camera up over Frey’s head and position it to capture the world. You could similarly enter photo mode at a particularly epic moment in combat and capture either Frey doing something awesome or an enemy getting particularly destroyed.

If this is your first foray into photo mode, take some time to experiment with different situations and framings. Pause the game during a heated battle or when the sun crests the horizon, then play with the various settings to find an aesthetic you like. Everyone’s photography style is different, and that’s still the case with virtual photography.

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