Is Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Game Pass?

Hi-Fi RUSH is already the biggest surprise hit of 2023. The action game takes as much influence from character action games like Devil May Cry as it does Rock Band. Match your combos to the beat in this gorgeous hack-and-slash from Tango Gameworks. If this looks and sounds like it could be your jam, you might be wondering if you can pick the game up on Xbox Game Pass. If you are a Game Pass subscriber, we have some good news for you.

Is Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Game Pass? — Answered

Hi-Fi RUSH is available for $29.99 on PC and Xbox Series S/X. You can also download Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox Game Pass on PC and console.

Hi-Fi RUSH is an Xbox console exclusive and therefore is on Game Pass as well. Since the title is published by Bethesda and developed by a Bethesda-owned studio, it is essentially a first-party game.

Now that Bethesda is owned by Microsoft and has been since 2021, it can be almost guaranteed that every new game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda will launch Day One on Game Pass, including Hi-Fi RUSH. That’s great news for Game Pass subscribers. A little less so for PlayStation and Switch owners. 

Featured Image via Bethesda

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