Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Open World? Answered

The Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Violet and Scarlet would bring many new things to the Pokemon franchise, and the final product confirmed that. Aside from the usual addition of a new region, new professors, and legendary Pokemon, the game’s second trailer also hinted at an open exploration feature. This left the lingering question: is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet an open world game?

Are Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Open World?

Fans have been waiting for a real open world Pokemon game ever since Sword and Shield, and it has finally come true. So is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet an open world game? The answer is yes, it is!

In a Pokemon present video, the Pokemon Company’s COO, Takato Utsonomiya, revealed that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be an open-world game. According to the video, “The newest titles in the Pokemon series are the Pokemon Scarlet and the Pokemon Violet games. These titles will be open-world RPGs, a first for the Pokemon series.” 

If you’ve yet to pick up the games, you’ll be able to access the open world of Paldea after completing a few tutorials early in the game. 

What’s the Difference Between a Normal Pokemon Game and an Open-World?

The main difference between a normal Pokemon game and an open world is your ability to explore the game any way you want. That means that you’re not bound to a chronological order of gym leaders you want to visit. You can now freely choose who to battle first, though we have a recommended gym order right here.

The number of cities is the same as in a typical pokemon game, rounding out at eight cities and eight gyms. However, a big change coming alongside the open-world structure is multiplayer co-op while exploring in real time. Before, multiplayer interactions were limited to battles and trading, Both new titles will allow players to explore Paldea as a group. Players can now form a party with their friends (a four-person party) and be the best there ever was.

There’s a lot to do in the open world of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more tips and tricks, head over to our guides hub right here

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