Is WWE 2K23 on Game Pass? — Answered

John Cena is getting all the attention with the release of WWE 2K23 as its cover star, but does the legendary wrestler justify the cost of the game? With so many titles coming out on Xbox Game Pass these days, you may be wondering whether you can skip the investment and just get the game through Microsoft’s monthly service. The answer to whether WWE 2K23 is on Game Pass or not may surprise you.

Is WWE 2K23 on Game Pass?

The answer at the moment may be a disappointment: WWE 2K23 is not on Xbox Game Pass. You’ll have to buy the game in full to get in on it while it’s still new, though it’s not impossible that the game won’t come out on Game Pass in the future. Games are added and removed from the service all the time, and WWE 2K23 seems like a perfect addition later on.

We’ve got more WWE 2K23 guides coming on the pipeline, so keep an eye on GameSkinny as we roll out more guides for this year’s WWE 2K entry.

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