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Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Set Fabricates Fun

The partnership between the Lego Group and Wizards of the Coast continues to grow. While the massive tabletop publisher and the iconic toy company have collaborated before on a contest back in 2022, this new project is more ambitious. A brand new Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set featuring iconic monsters in brick form.

The Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set announcement

According to an official press release, the new Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set is a fan-designed representation of the popular fantasy TTRPG.

Step 1: Roll for Initiative.

Officially titled Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale, the set was the result of a contest. Out of 600 submissions, the winner was 32-year-old Lucas Bolt (aka BoltBuilds) from Amsterdam. Lucas then worked closely with the Lego Design team to develop the final set.

The Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set is a 3,745-piece set. It features an incredibly detailed tavern with a removable roof, a dungeon, a tower, and six minifigures: Orc Rogue, Gnome Fighter, Elf Wizard, and Dwarf Cleric. But the biggest draw may be the brick-built monsters, which include a beholder, an owlbear, a displacer beast, and a red dragon.

This work with the fan community didn’t just stop at the initial design; they had a chance to design the cover of the set’s building instructions. The winning submission was by Chris Yu, which features an epic fantasy battle meant to celebrate D&D’s core values of collaboration, creativity, and adventure.

The Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set will be available on April 1st at an MSRP of $359.99.

Promo set photo of the Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragon actual play, The Red Dragon's Tale.
Do you think losing a limb is still a Grievous Injury if you’re made of Lego?

Lastly, the Lego Group and Wizards of the Coast are publishing a one-shot adventure and helping produce an actual play. The one-shot, aptly titled Red Dragon’s Tale, is an adventure inspired by the Lego set meant for level-5 adventurers. This adventure will be available for free on D&D Beyond on April 1st.

As for the actual play, it features a Lego take on the beloved TTRPG. The game was recorded live at the Lego House on a custom Lego Dungeons & Dragons table. Actress Anjali Bhimani is the Dungeon Master, and the players include tabletop personalities like Luis Carazo and Ginny Di, Fan designer Lucas Bolt, and Lego Designer Jordan Scott.

Fans can enjoy this Lego Dungeons & Dragons actual play on April 6 on the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube and Twitch channels or on

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