Madden 23: Is FieldSense Available on PC, PS4, or Xbox One?

FieldSense is a new gameplay system in Madden 23 that gives players more control of skill positions on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The idea is to make a more dynamic experience that better resembles the moment-to-moment action of a real NFL game. But is it available to PC players and those with previous-gen platforms like PS4 and Xbox One?

The short answer is no. At launch, FieldSense is not part of the Madden 23 PC package, nor is it available on PS4 or Xbox One. It doesn’t matter which edition you buy. The system is only available to players on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. 

Currently, there’s no word if the mechanics under the FieldSense umbrella will be retroactively added to PC, PS4, or Xbox One, though it’s unlikely that EA will do so. 

What is Madden 23 FieldSense? 

In short, FieldSense gives players more options at skill positions. The skill-based passing system is a good example of that. New passing mechanics provide more control over throw power and ball placement, letting QBs actively move receivers away from defenders with more accurate throws.

These changes also include 360-cuts for backs, alongside new release moves, cut moves, and counters for wide receivers. Defensive players have more options in press coverage and going up against offensive linemen, such as pushing wideouts out of their routes and juking guards and tackles to reach the QB. There are also new physics animations and behaviors on top of those additions, enhancing tackles, jump balls, and blocking for various positions like HBs and tight ends.

There’s quite a bit of granularity to the system that enhances Madden 23‘s gameplay, so it’s unfortunate that a number of players won’t be able to experience them. Perhaps PC players, at least, will have better luck next year with Madden 24. For more, head over to our Madden 23 guides hub.

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