Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope — How to Unlock the Hidden Skill Tree

All characters in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope have four skill trees into which you can distribute your skill points. But what the game only hints at is that all of the nine characters also have a hidden, fifth skill tree that allows you to unlock extra special abilities. 

The secret skill tree in Sparks of Hope has, naturally, to do with the Sparks you collect throughout the game, each of which can be leveled up and assigned to any character. The fifth talent tree lets you put points into abilities that make your Sparks stronger and more useful. 

Hidden Spark Skill Trees Explained

To access the Spark Skill Tree for each character, including those you’ve unlocked, you’ll need to unlock them one by one using a special type of rare upgrade material. In order to earn Gold Prisms, you’ll need to revisit old worlds that you have completed and be on the lookout for Gold Pipes that wouldn’t let you through the first time around. 

How to Get Gold Prisms

Every world in Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope contains a golden pipe that you will not be able to traverse until you have unlocked a certain number of Sparks. These require you to return at later points in the game. We advise you return much later, however, since there are plenty of other worthy traits to spend your skill points on, and these encounters can be quite challenging. Once you have a decent number of sparks more than the required amount is a good place to take on the challenge. 

By completing the encounters in these golden pipe challenges, you’ll unlock Gold Prisms. Each pipe challenge will reward you with one Gold Prism you can spend on any hero to unlock their Spark skill tree. 

There seem to be more characters in your party than prisms available in the game, so be sure to spend them wisely. Unlike skill points, you can’t get Gold Prisms back once you spend them on a hero. You’ll need to be careful when unlocking the hidden skill tree abilities. For more tips, guides, and news on Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, such as our Super Effects guide, be sure to check out our guide page for Ubisoft’s latest crossover title. 

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