Marvel Snap: How to Upgrade Cards

An obvious early question for any competitive game like Marvel Snap is how you’re going to improve and get the edge over your rivals.  And while upgrading cards only affects them on a cosmetic level, it’s still a vital part of Marvel Snap’s core loop; it’s also the primary method by which you acquire new cards. 

For each card you upgrade, you’ll earn collection levels, which reward you with new cards, as well as credits and boosters to upgrade them. Boosters are card-specific, so with the exception of variants (duplicates with different artwork), don’t worry about saving them up. 

Each card you receive enters your collection at common rank, and it can upgraded a total of five times, at an increasing cost-to-reward ratio:

  • Uncommon rank: Costs five boosters and 25 credits; earns one collection level.
  • Rare rank: Costs 10 boosters and 100 credits; earns two collection levels.
  • Epic rank: Costs 20 boosters and 200 credits; earns four collection levels.
  • Ultra rank: Costs 40 boosters and 400 credits; earns eight collection levels.
  • Infinity rank: Costs 50 boosters and 500 credits; earns 10 collection levels.

Given that you unlock something every two collection levels for the beginning of the game, this is a habit to get into early. 

The other methods of earning cards, credits, and boosters are through mission rewards, the battle pass, playing matches, and increasing your season rank. But for now, let’s get into how you go about upgrading your cards. 

Where Do I Upgrade My Cards in Marvel Snap? 


For each battle you play, win or lose, you’ll earn some boosters towards upgrading one of your cards. If you have enough boosters and credits, you can upgrade a card right in the rewards screen. 

Collection Screen 

When you’ve gathered enough boosters to upgrade a card, you’ll see a notification on the collection screen. The card that you can upgrade will be highlighted with a glow. 

Shop Screen

Every eight hours, three random cards are chosen from your collection and placed in the Fast Upgrade area of the shop, which allows you to buy all the remaining boosters you need to upgrade them just for credits. The amount of boosters you already own affects the price, at a rate of on booster to five credits. 

And there you have it — how to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap. Keep on upgrading those cards, and you’ll fill out your collection in no time. For more, check out our guides on moving and destroying cards, understanding how tie breakers work, and the very best cards you should focus on.

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