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MechWarrior developer confirms a new game is in the works

Although the MechWarrior series has existed since the late 1980s, it has not seen many releases in recent years. Since the launch of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries in 2002, fans of the series have only received three games. Piranha Games developed two of these titles, namely 2013’s MechWarrior Online and 2019’s MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. With the latter serving as the only traditional MechWarrior game within that time, many fans likely still feel hungry for more. Fortunately, Piranha has stepped up once more to satiate fans’ appetites. The studio announced that it currently has a brand new MechWarrior game in development.

Russ Bullock, the president of Piranha Games, revealed this news during an interview posted on the No Guts No Galaxy podcast. Although Bullock refrained from outright announcing this new installment, he did share a few small details about it while expressing surprise that Piranha Games has worked on the series for all this time. Classic MechWarrior fans may feel relieved to learn that the new MechWarrior game will function as a single-player experience much like MechWarrior 5. Bullock did briefly suggest that the game will feature co-op elements, but he emphasized that it will not center around online PvP as MechWarrior Online did.

When will we hear more about it?

Additionally, Bullock stated that fans should expect to see an official announcement for the MechWarrior game possibly this year. He went on to say that the announcement could happen sometime this fall, such as in September. Whenever it happens, Bullock said fans will have to wait a while.

Alongside this news, Bullock reminded players that MechWarrior 5 will receive its fourth major DLC soon. Specifically, the DLC, which goes by the name ‘Rise of Rasalhague,’ will come out around two weeks from now on January 26. So as players wait to hear more about this mysterious new MechWarrior game, they can jump into this DLC to pass the time.

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