MSI demos a monitor that gives you an AI helping hand in League of Legends and it might stretch the boundaries of what’s considered fair

AI is most definitely the buzzword of CES 2024, and it seems that no piece of hardware is immune from the coming integration of a whole host of AI features, some with rather dubious usefulness. However, MSI has been showing off its upcoming MEG 321URX QD-OLED display at its demo suite at the Las Vega show, and its new AI-powered SkySight feature appears to be capable of detecting incoming enemies in League of Legends and giving away their position with an onscreen icon. Call me old-fashioned, but that seems…more than slightly unfair.

The display makes use of an onboard AI accelerator (via Tom’s Hardware) that analyses the mini-map to anticipate incoming opponents before placing an icon on the screen to let you know exactly where they’re coming from, alongside another game tracking feature that keeps an eye on your health bar and displays it on a physical RGB light strip on the monitor itself. 

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