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New base building and FPS game has mixed reviews but lots of players

Outpost: Infinity Siege seems like it should be a good time. The newly launched game combines Destiny 2 and Armored Core 6 style sci-fi action with base building and tower defense in a manner that looks, from a distance at least, like it should be pretty enjoyable. It seems like players agree that the game’s premise is enticing, as Outpost has attracted a strong enough user base to trend on Steam, but, unfortunately, a lot of those same players have been leaving fairly disappointed reviews after checking it out.

Outpost: Infinity Siege is part FPS game, part tower defense, and shows off well on its store page and in videos. With shades of Armored Core in its mech designs and Sanctum in its strategy layer, it’s managed to reach an all time peak player count of 13,480 since its launch earlier this week and has 8,039 concurrent players at the time of writing. Despite the healthy audience it’s attracted, though, Outpost hasn’t managed to review all that well. SteamDB currently tracks the game as 43.51% positive and its Steam status, based on 4,179 reviews, is Mixed.

As we reported yesterday, Outpost: Infinity Siege has been wracked by bugs severe enough that creator Team Ranger was even advising users with certain hardware configurations to underclock their CPUs to avoid problems. Still, the studio issued performance patches on Wednesday and yesterday, which shows that it’s taking complaints aimed at the game’s technical performance seriously.

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