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New Mario RPG Survey Acknowledges Existence Of Mario & Luigi Series

Could be coming sooner than we think. I remember some people got that survey from Nintendo back in 2021 asking, “Would you pay $50 for a new WarioWare title on Switch?” And then it was announced like a couple months later at that year’s E3 Direct.

We got Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario: TTYD back-to-back, so I wouldn’t even be surprised if they announced a Mario & Luigi remake in the next Direct. I really hope they go back and remake Partners in Time, as I always considered it one of my favorites; the general consensus seems to be that the game is pretty mid, so I want to go back and replay it to see whether it still holds up for me.

I would love to see them embrace a fully hand-drawn art style for the series moving forward. Thr Mario & Luigi games are known for their detailed spritework and rich animation. The HD-2D style of games sell well enough, but I think if they want to maximize the franchises’ appeal while remaining true to the series’ distinct visual style, they aught to lean all-in to making it look like a Saturday morning cartoon. Basically, if Cuphead was an RPG.

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