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Nexus Mods hits 10bn downloads today

In Nexus Mods’ words: “A beast of monstrous proportions is approaching.” Today, the mod distribution site – home to some of the best community made video game additions (looking at you Shrek and Thomas) – will hit 10bn downloads.

To put that milestone into some perspective, “if every download were a footstep, you could walk to the moon 11 times, or walk The Seven Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar 4,161,464 times,” Nexus Mods said.

Meanwhile, if you are more like me and find it easier to envision things with pizza slices, if Nexus Mods celebrated each download with a slice of thick crust Margherita with extra cheese, “this pizza would cover 15 times the size of Manhattan Island”. These are facts you simply knead to know to appreciate how monumental this milestone really is.

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Celebrating today, the site said these 10bn downloads are “spread across 539,682 mod files, created by a vibrant community of 128,361 mod authors”. All of these mods are “serving over 47 million total members”, with 2,683 different games being modded. Meanwhile, the site sees roughly 10m downloads per day. Phew!

“We want to say a big thanks for continuing to support the site. Through this, we can give back to the creators, the curious-minded, whacky and inventive modders who continue to discover new territory in game development and keep pushing the boundaries of creativity,” Nexus Mods said.

Nexus Mods chart showing number of downloads over time. | Image credit: Nexus Mods

As well as sharing this impressive download figure, the Nexus Mods team also laid out some plans for the future. This includes its Nexus Mods App and ongoing site development. It also hopes to one day provide free premium membership to any mod author who hits a certain number of unique downloads as well. The team has said we can expect to hear more on this particular point in the coming days, so if you are a mod-enthusiast, stay tuned!

As for those mods, we here at Eurogamer are rather partial to an amusing in-game addition or two, and often round up some of the best ones for you to enjoy as well. So, here are a collection of our favourite mods from last year’s Resident Evil 4 Remake and Starfield to check out as we head on into the evening.

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