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Nintendo Releases Adorable Stop-Motion Short For Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Image: Nintendo

The Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake for the Nintendo Switch is right around the corner, so what better to celebrate than to induldge in a whopping 20-second stop-motion animation from Nintendo?

This thing is short – like, really short – but it’s still reasonably cute. Posted on Nintendo’s social media channels, the animation showcases the game’s instantly-recognisable Mario toys as they… uh… work to stop an alarm clock from beeping? Hmm… If they hadn’t knocked it down in the first place, it’d be fine.

Anyway, take a look.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong launches in just a few days on 16 February, 2024. Our review isn’t too far off either, but if you want to get a taste of what we think of the game so far, then you can check out our hands-on impressions right now.

Oh, and there’s also a free demo out on the eShop. So get that downloaded if you’re even remotely interested.

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