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Nintendo Switch FOUR BIG E3 2021 Leaked Games…

Nintendo Switch is set to have a BIG E3 2021 and some Nintendo Switch games have already begun to leak out on the internet. Let’s go over 4 of the big ones on the Switch!
#NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #E32021


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Mr. Majin
2 years ago

The the BotW on the poster I bet is a demo for the game and Nintendo will take feed back into consideration for the rest of development.

William Wieliczko
2 years ago

lmao a gamestop poster is not a good source ngl

2 years ago

that gamestop employee just went and opened pandora's box for some guy

Juan Sanchez
2 years ago

I want majora's mask 🙁

Ayden Hite
2 years ago

im glad they made rabbids game cause its one of my fav shows

ben parker
2 years ago

lol the poster's fake

Kelsey Carlisle
2 years ago

I am a huge fan of zelda!!!!!!! Please I hope this is true.

2 years ago

am I the only one who wouldn't want the zelda games to be on switch? I played them so many times and I can play them again anytime, I don't need them on switch, lol.

Trevor Gough
2 years ago

Even if Mario 3d all stars was supposed to be limited no retailer ever pulled them off the shelves you can find it even now and it would be the same with Zelda if its a "limited release"

2 years ago

Hoping for the Zelda games to be bundled

Emil Carter
2 years ago

They better be including Majora’s mask

2 years ago

Hopefully we don't have to have Mario on our team this time.

Novus Talks
2 years ago

Sparks of hope looks phenomenal. I've always wanted galaxy 3 so this is right up my alley

2 years ago

Video starts at 5:40

Mother Brain
2 years ago

I will buy ocRima of time for a 3rd time (6 really, since i have the grey, gold, japanese n64 cartridges and also the 3ds one twice)

Emmanuel Kotei
2 years ago

It seems like the resolution is much higher, is it possible this was running on the switch pro?

Retro Chibi
2 years ago

Based on Nintendo's past history, they will probably use the emulator they used for Mario 64 to port Ocarina and/or Majora. Then port the Wii U version of WW and/or TP over or just use the Gamecube emulator. On top of that, it will be limited release. Minimal resources, maximum profits. 🙁

Justin LaBoy
2 years ago

leave it to nintendo to sell you the same games over , and over , and over again. why? so I can play it on a new console? smh. that's why I started pirating their games lol.

2 years ago

I don't know if anyone remembers but back when the switch first came out Nintendo did say that they wanted to release all the Zelda's on switch

Eileen Jimenez
2 years ago

Am I the only one who sees that the Rabbids look like Filthy Frank/Pink Guy?

Rozalind Aria
2 years ago

so far, ddlc+ was the one that excited me the most

2 years ago

would've liked if majoras mask was one of them

2 years ago

Speculations are not leaks, it's an anniversary poster

[TP] Blitz
2 years ago

I just want a new splatoon 3 trailer

2 years ago

Go out and buy the Mario Rabbids sequel. Full price, because it's about to be a banger like the original. Don't wait for it to drop to 20 bucks. Show these guys some love for the effort.

Matthew Odishoo
2 years ago

There's no point porting Ocarina of Time since it was on 3DS.

2 years ago

"There should be some type of Link."

Four of them, actually.

misc alotastuff
2 years ago

Yeah x com 2 mario edition.

ken goku
2 years ago

Well there goes my hope for a Majoras Mask Remastered and Zelda 2 adventure of Link Remastered ??

2 years ago

There is a bad version of Twilight Princess. It is the Wii U version. There is something wrong with the controls when you lock-on to an enemy and jump around and swing your sword.

I tried both the original GameCube and Wii U versions side-by-side, and there is a difference. Because of that, I did not enjoy the Wii U version.

MW Productions
2 years ago

Ocarina of time had an upgraded version with better graphics. It was only at vest buy and was for the game cube. That would most likely be the version they use.

Weston Meyer
2 years ago

No Wario no purchase

Robyn Wolph
2 years ago

If the rumor about Zelda is true, then I would bring over Ocarina of Time HD, Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD over in an HD collection.

2 years ago

I never got to play Wind Waker HD although I’ve played the GameCube version countless times. I hope it comes to Switch so I can see if it really is the definitive version

Ry H
2 years ago

If they do an 1080p remaster of OoT 3D that would be nice but as always there's a level of doubt when it comes to these re-releases as it's hit or miss from Nintendo.

I had a lot of fun with Mario and Rabbids. Happy to see a sequel. The Ubisoft team did a really good job of taking the Mario license and making something good outside the usual sports stuff. Another runaway success could lead to bigger, better projects between them and Nintendo.

hoover Branch
2 years ago

I won't believe the Zelda rumors until I see it. But already they have Zelda, Zelda 2, Link to the past, Links Awakening, and BOTW. If you add OoT, Windwaker, and Twilight Princess the Switch will be the ultimate Zelda Machine. They still need some Majoras mask though…

2 years ago

Choo choo!

2 years ago

What happen ???? these are not leaks. Mario+rabbits is a known game stretched out over 5+min and a zelda allstar we might get at gamestop. Did you really have to drop the bar for a video.

2 years ago

If you’re like me and don’t care about mario and the rabbits 5:40

2 years ago

i REALLY hope the zelda speculation is true, i would definitely buy all three even though i already own ocarina of time and twilight princess lol. i just pray they aren’t limited release because yikes that’ll be awful.

Jonathan H.
2 years ago

For the love of God, can I PLEASE have Xenoblade X on Switch?

2 years ago

Hella reaching here calling this Zelda stuff a leak LMAO there’s literally nothing here besides a poster yet

2 years ago

Please genshin impact on the switch

Regular Dad Here
2 years ago

What outrage was there with Mario? I got my copy.

Matthew Carpenter
2 years ago

Hope they bring the master quest edition of ocarina of time

M Shelton
2 years ago

Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game and hope they do more then they did with Mario 64 it just looks bad on a large screen.