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No Man’s Sky Orbital update overhauls space stations today

Orbital, the 27th major update to No Man’s Sky, will arrive today and revamp the game’s space stations.

These deep space locations can now be “vast, procedurally generated, and incredibly diverse”, developer Hello Games said today, announcing the update. The aim is for space stations to feel bigger, more individual, and offer new activities and shops for you to explore. It’s here you’ll also find the new Guild system, with envoys to visit.

Advancements to space stations mean No Man’s Sky can also now offer customisation for basic spaceships. The long-requested addition of a ship editor means you can now gather and trade parts and cobble together all-new ship types. Here’s how it all looks in action:

No Man’s Sky Orbital Update Trailer

No Man’s Sky Orbital update trailer.

If you’re particularly keen on having a fleet of ships, you can now send frigate fleets on away missions and perform “daring” rescues yourself if they get into trouble.

Hello Games is now hard at work on its next project, procedural fantasy planet adventure Light No Fire, a game about “adventure, building, survival and exploration together” on a world the size of Earth. There’s no word yet on exactly when that will launch, but work is continuing on No Man’s Sky features in the meantime, however.

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