One Piece Odyssey GUTS Stat Explained

One Piece Odyssey has five stats for each of your team members that inform their individual strengths and weaknesses on a basic level. While some relate to obvious attributes like attack and defense, the GUTS stat doesn’t automatically correlate to any logical modifier on the surface. So what is it?

What is the GUTS Stat in One Piece Odyssey?

As with most any game of the last forever, enemies in One Piece Odyssey have basic and special attacks, the latter of which pack harder punches than the former, all things being equal. And each attack has its correlative passive protection attribute for members of your crew.

  • A character’s DEF stat (defense power) determines their defense against regular enemy attacks.
  • A character’s GUTS Stat (toughness) determines their defense against enemy special attacks. 

How to Increase Your GUTS Stat

All stat values increase when you level up, and their values are relatively unique to each character. I spent a few hours trying to determine their exact values when leveling, and it seems they fall within a range of several points (plus or minus a few points) for each level. For example, Luffy will sometimes get +24pts toward his GUTS Stat for leveling up once and sometimes +27pts for leveling again. 

Attack type/class doesn’t seem to impact the GUTS stat, and since characters in reserve also get EXP during battles, you’ll essentially always be increasing someone’s GUTS stat no matter what. Be sure to complete battle challenges whenever you can to make the most of experience gains. 

You can also increase GUTS by finding and equipping certain accessories or gear pieces. For example, one early item boosts your GUTS Stat by +43. These accessories can be found in the world via treasure chests and through other means. 

Food items, like Bronze Bat Soup, which can be found in the world or cooked by Sanji, can boost GUTS by a certain percentage for a time, and maxing out TP by hoarding it in combat also increases all stats for a short duration. Completing objectives, which unlock after reaching Memoria, can reward items that boost GUTS. 

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