Overwatch 2 Complete Endorsements Guide

Millions of people are playing Overwatch 2, and at the end of a match in Ranked and Quick Play, you can give and receive Endorsements from your teammates.

Endorsements are a reputation system that requires other, usually random, teammates to appreciate your efforts during a match. Do enough good, and you can level up your Endorsement score, showing how good a teammate you are and receiving some nice rewards on top.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Endorsements in this guide, including how to get and receive them, what rewards they offer and more.

How Endorsements Work in Overwatch

The Endorsement system is pretty straightforward. At the end of a match, you can pull up the Endorsement menu using a button at the bottom of your screen. It’s especially visible during the Play of the Game clip. There, you can endorse up to two of your teammates to show your appreciation for their contributions to the team.

You don’t need to endorse anyone if no one did anything worthwhile. Your teammates have the same option, so if you were a credit to team, you’ll see a notification on the left side of your screen saying so.

There are a few limitations to Endorsements.

  • You can only endorse a particular player once every twelve hours.
  • You can’t endorse members of the opposing team.
  • You cannot endorse anyone on your Battle Net friends list.

Additionally, unlike the original Overwatch, there are no playstyle-specific Endorsements. Good leadership, team play, and other qualities are out the window in favor of a general “You did good” system.

These limitations are designed to keep you from farming all the rewards Endorsements now provide, which are significant but few.

Endorsement Levels and Rewards

Receive enough Endorsements, and you’ll eventually level up your ranking from the default of 1 to a current maximum of level 5. You’ll need several dozen to get from rank 1 to rank 2, and successive levels require more and more Endorsements to reach. How many per level is unclear, but it’s not a small number.

Even ranking up a few times is valuable, as the rewards you receive increase considerably. Sometimes, when you endorse someone or they endorse you, both of you will receive a few points of Battle Pass experience.

The amount you get depends on your rank; the higher your rank, the greater the reward. With the Battle Pass requiring so much experience to progress, these bonus points, infrequent though they may seem, can be the boost you need to reach the next Pass tier without needing to play another match.

On the softer side, having a higher Endorsement rank makes you more liable to not only be endorsed by other players but also can help you form ad-hoc teams with the random players you encounter. Most people tend to leave without a word, but if you do a little socializing with your teammates and they see a higher Endorsement rank next to your name, they could be more likely to team with you or even become a long-time teammate.

How to Get More Endorsements

Overwatch 2 is a team game where few players can hard carry a team without some kind of support from their fellows. It can therefore be tempting to play with friends you know and trust. The game is probably best enjoyed that way, is playing almost any multiplayer title with people you care about is a much better experience.

If farming Endorsements is your goal, however, there are a couple of things you can do to maximize your gains.

  • Only Play alone or with a single friend. Enough players are playing Overwatch 2 that you can almost guarantee a chance at Endorsements if you play with randoms in Quick Play. Being on your own also keeps you from being limited by your friends list, maximizing your opportunities to be endorsed.
  • Be an effective Support. Support heroes rarely get Play of the Game, and the role doesn’t carry the same prestige as a quality DPS or Tank. However, if you’re even serviceable at healing and otherwise keeping your team alive, your more aggressive teammates will thank you for it.
  • Endorse others. You won’t level up your own Endorsement rank by helping others. However, giving them out either because you said you would in-game chat or because you genuinely mean to after a match is good practice and could remind other players that the system exists, pushing them to give out Endorsements of their own.

That’s about everything you need to know about Endorsements in Overwatch 2. The system is significantly more straightforward than it was in the original game, though this is primarily the case due to the game’s horrid monetization. For more on Overwatch 2, including how to play the Support hero Moira, check out our other Overwatch 2 guides.

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