Overwatch 2 pro team punished for ‘illegal’ maneuver that even Blizzard admits was fun

A clever play by Overwatch 2 esports team the Florida Mayhem was ruled as an ‘illegal maneuver’ by Blizzard over the weekend. The team surprise-attacked opposing Paris Eternal players by teleporting up and over a rooftop, and were forced to redo the round as a result. They won the match in the end, but even Blizzard admits that the banned play was fun to watch. 

The Florida Mayhem’s strategy was based around Mei and Symmetra, two heroes with abilities that can help a team move around maps. At the start of the round, their Mei player put an Ice Wall on top of a nearby rooftop. Usually this isn’t possible: Mei’s wall normally requires solid, flat ground to be placed, but you can occasionally get it to work in some out-of-bounds parts of maps. After the Mei wall was up, the Mayhem’s Symmetra placed a teleporter on top of it to bring the entire team over the rooftop, surprising their opponents and winning the first team fight with ease.

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