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Palworld down 1.3m players in Steam’s biggest-ever two-week drop

The Palworld concurrent Steam playercount has already dropped significantly after launch as Pocketpair’s take on the survival game genre could be starting to find its player rhythm. The concurrent peak has seen over 1.3 million players begin to step away from the game, while the active player count still sits comfortably in the hundreds of thousands.

With 12 million players jumping in on Steam and seven million on Game Pass, Palworld has been a colossal overnight success. The survival game also sat atop the Steam top sellers chart for a time, and even managed to pull in two million concurrent players on Steam alone at one point.

On Saturday, January 27 Palworld peaked at 2,101,867 concurrents, and now on Saturday, February 10, it has 757,508 according to data from SteamDB. That’s a two-week drop of around 1,344,359 players. Arguably the biggest raw number drop-off in two weeks in the platform’s history. Palworld started incredibly high, so this is somewhat expected, but doing it in two weeks is notable.

Palworld was going to have to come back down to Earth at some point. The game is still averaging over 700,000 players at any time on Steam alone, but it wasn’t going to stick around at the two million peak forever. I have a feeling that once Palworld completely settles in, those daily average players will still be incredibly impressive.

PUBG had a peak of over three million in 2018, and that’s still going strong at around 500,000 active players at any moment. The difference with Palworld is that while it’s dropped 1.3 million active players in two weeks, it took PUBG around four months to lose the same number. PUBG did have more to lose in terms of raw numbers, sure, but considering it’s the only Steam game left in Palworld’s way for it to get the highest playercount ever, the drop-off is significant in relation to the competition.

Only five games have reached over 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam to begin with. Lost Ark peaked at that number only for it to take months to start sitting at a 50k average a day.

Keep in mind that this all only relates to Steam, as Palworld is also available on Xbox and via a Game Pass subscription, we just get the best look at raw numbers on Valve’s platform.

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Palworld’s next update and early access roadmap are already on the cards, so it’s now up to Pocketpair to keep supporting the game and listening to players to keep them hooked.

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