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Payday 3’s second Operation Medic Bag patch is now available

Payday 3’s Operation Medic Bag’s second patch is now available.

Described as a “focused effort to respond to community expectations and improve Payday 3”, Operation Medic Bag “covers a range of sought-after features and improvements to gameplay, stability, matchmaking, content, and enhanced features”.

This particular patch includes new adaptive armour, the new Adrenaline feature – which functions as an extra but temporary health pool – the new mega-buff Fortitude skill line, and several fixes. Starbreeze also says that players can expect updates released “under the Operation Medic Bag umbrella” to roll out with greater “cadence”, including more smaller updates more frequently.

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“This marks our second update on the Operation Medic Bag journey, with many more to come,” said lead producer, Andreas Häll-Penninger. “Our focus remains on making continuous improvements at a steady pace, aiming to gradually address the game’s most pressing issues and rebuild trust and engagement within our community.”

For the full patch notes, head on over to the official website.

Payday 3’s “Operation Medic Bag” brings in “key improvements and features”. Starbreeze says the update is a “focused effort responding to community expectations and improving the quality” of the beleaguered FPS, and includes “sought-after” features as well as 300 tweaks to improve matchmaking, stability, and even the gameplay.

Earlier this month, Tobias Sjögren was removed from his role as CEO of developer Starbreeze after the company’s board concluded the studio “needs a different leadership” to execute its current business strategy. The announcement follows a disastrous launch for last year’s Payday 3, which is still struggling to attract players in significant numbers.

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