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Planet Clash – I Just Found Out About EMP Shells (Circle 4) (World of Warships Legends)

At Circle 3, i only just found out that the Battleships HE was switched to EMP which works best against Shields (Before that i was using AP Only).

I try to upload content when i can but if i have a lot of content, i may do more if i feel like it. Other games may appear on the Channel from time to time.

Former Community Ambassador for 5 years on WoT Console so no more Giveaways or Content on New Releases unless i buy the Base Passes.

For Tank Reviews i would advise watching Petty as i don’t go into depth:

My Youtube Channel, it’s been in decline since the Summer of 2023 since i was told by WG, that that my content wouldn’t be shared, it made me feel worthless as a creator and almost quit doing Youtube videos.

Came back in October and tried to give it a second go and tried to do content 3 days a week but it’s not easy when you aren’t motivated.

If you want to try the wheel for yourself:
1) Go here:
2) Log in (I did it with Twitter)
3) Make some Wheels (and press Save as you finish each one)

Youtube Alt Account:

Links: (My Tanks Site with Spoilers, XP Grinds, Q+A’s etc) (Tanks News) (Ships Patch Notes)

Some Music by Teknoaxe (May be used in Montages):

Music By NCS Epic Music

* May be used in Season Trailers or Portal Patch Notes

Some Music also provided by Youtube Audio Library and Official Wargaming Titles.


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