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Players Loved Princess Peach And It Shows She Should Have Another Game

Peach should get another game.

Princess Peach: Showtime has shown that this peachy princess is capable of having a heavily popular game in to today’s age. Princess Peach officially has two games, the last one having released 20 years ago called Super Princess Peach. This game was first released on the Nintendo DS and so far, there doesn’t seem to be a remake coming as of right now.

Many players and sites have claimed that Princess Peach showtime is a turning point for this character, including GameRant who thinks the game introduces unique ideas for solo Mario games. Luigi has also had his own solo games like Luigi’s Haunted Mansion. When it comes to this beloved Princess, it definitely seems that there can be more Princess Peach games and they will be successful.

There are rumors that Princess Peach Showtime made triple what Super Princess Peach made back in the day for DS. The numbers for Princess Peach Showtime will be revealed later on once Nintendo goes through all the sells and then we will know exactly how many copies were sold.

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With all this being said, Princess Peach can definitely hold her own and should be given more opportunities in the future to have more games starring her. Many fans are wanting a sequel to the Princess Peach Showtime game, and hopefully it will happen since the game saw much success during its launch weekend last week. But for now, there is no official news.

Princess Peach Showtime is avaliable on the Nintendo eShop.

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