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Pokemon Go’s current season is ending with a bang with the thrilling Alola to Alola event

All good things come to an end and after an enthralling few months adventuring through the Alolan Islands on Pokémon Go, the Season of Alola is about to wrap up. While it does pave the way for a new season, the current one is going out with a bang as Niantic has planned an entire event called Alola to Alola to close out the season. The event will run between May 25th and 31st, giving players a chance to complete research stories, catch Pokémon and collect loads of special goodies as we bid farewell to the various islands and their protectors that form the Alolan region.

As you may recall, the season began with four Special Research, each based on one of the Alolan islands. One last time, players can pick their favourite island again and participate in an end of season Special Research story that will set players up with different tasks and rewards based on the island they choose. The tickets will be available for $4.99. Check out the different paths and their rewards below:

  • Melemele Island Path – This island is for players who prefer to squad up with friends when they play Pokémon Go. It involves social quests like sending gifts and taking photos. Rewards include Poffins, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, an encounter with Raichu, and a Pom-Pom Style Oricorio Hat avatar item.
  • Akala Island Path – Focussing more on the adventure, this path will require players to move around and explore the world by walking some kilometres and spinning PokéStops for rewards like Incense, Incubators, and encounter with Alolan Marowak, and a Pa’u Style Oricorio Hat avatar item.
  • Ula’ula Island Path – For trainers wishing to catch Pokémon, this island is perfect. They must catch Pokémon using specific throw types for exclusive rewards like Incense, Glacial and Magnetic Lures, an encounter with Alolan Vulpix and a Baile Style Oricorio Hat avatar item.
  • Poni Island Path – The final island is for trainers who prefer to fight. It has tasks like winning Trainer Battles and beating Team GO Rocket Leaders for prizes like a Rocket Radar, Three Star Pieces, a Premium Battle Pass, an encounter with Alolan Exeggutor, and a Sensu Style Oricorio Hat avatar item.

If that wasn’t enough, the event will also feature a Collection Challenge, special wild encounters, raids and field research, while the shop will contain limited-edition backpacks for your avatars.

Ready to say goodbye to the Season of Alola? Then, download Pokémon Go for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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