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Random: Sakurai Endorses Powerwash Simulator And Other ‘Work’ Games

Masahiro Sakurai is back at it again with another YouTube video, this time looking at games that don’t feature the ‘pull and pull’ or ‘risk and reward’ mechanics that he generally believes make up a games ‘essence’.

As such, he goes on to endorse “work” games such as PowerWash Simulator, Car Simulator, House Flipper, and Cookie Clicker. Basically, games that don’t offer up what many would deem ‘traditional’ game mechanics, but are nevertheless fun to play in their own way.

Sakurai breaks down the similarities between these games as follows:

  • Real-world inspiration
  • Profit involved
  • You get sucked in
  • Feeling of wasting time

With the last one in particular, Sakurai explains that these types of games might not have a clear goal in mind or a concrete ending to work toward, but they’re nevertheless difficult to put down once you get invested.

He ends the video by stating:

“I love these kind of games, myself. I really do get drawn in. Unless I force myself to stop, I won’t put the controller down. I’m really going out on a limb here… But maybe it’s possible that I like to work?”

Yes. Yes, we’d say that you probably do, Sakurai-san.

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