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Remedy gives updates on Max Payne 1&2 Remake, Control 2 and other projects

Remedy Entertainment has been giving consistent and transparent updates on the status of its on-going development projects for quite some time now, setting a standard that the rest of the industry could do with following. So far, all of Remedy’s games have remained on a steady track and now, Remedy’s multiplayer game ‘Project Condor’, Control 2 and the Max Payne remakes all have updates. 

According to Remedy’s most recent investor report, Alan Wake Remastered and Control are now bringing in a steady stream of royalty payments to Remedy. However, Alan Wake 2 has not yet hit the threshold for royalties. That should change in the months ahead, as the DLCs for the game begin to drop, bringing players back in and putting the excellent base game back in the spotlight.

As for Remedy’s upcoming projects, Condor, the codename for a new multiplayer title set in the Control franchise, has moved into full production, the final development stage before the game is launched. Additionally, Control 2 is ready to move out of the proof-of-concept stage and into production-readiness, with plans in place for the game world, mechanics and visual quality targets.

As for the Max Payne 1&2 remake, the game is now expected to move into full production in Q2 of this year. The remake’s development costs rose a bit for Remedy in Q1, but the game is ticking along. Another game in the works at Remedy, codenamed ‘Kestral’ is still in the concept stage, with a small team still looking to refine the core pillars of the project.

KitGuru Says: Remedy seems to be one of the better managed studios around. The team consistently delivers on quality and surprises players with interesting gameplay ideas and worlds. Beyond that, we never seem to hear about crunch issues, or major lay-offs, in large part due to what appears to be responsible handling of financials and employees. It certainly seems like many game studios could learn a thing or two. 

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