Retreat to Enen: How to Get Cured Pelt

Cured Pelt is used in a handful of crafting recipes in Retreat to Enen, such as the Water Flask and the all-important Snowsuit. As the name suggests, it isn’t a raw resource like Gemstones, Obsidian, or Northern Lily. Instead, you’ll need to harvest Pelt and, well, cure it. 

This Retreat to Enen guide will tell you everything you need to know about Cured Pelt, from which animals to hunt to which crafting station to build. 

Where to Find Pelt

Pelt can be harvested from rabbits in all three biomes and wolves in the Valley of the Giants and The Great North. Rabbits seem to always drop one Pelt, while Wolves can drop between four and six Pelts.

It’s easiest to hunt both animals with the bow and arrow; the rabbit trap is far too inefficient to be worth your time, and the spear requires you to get too close to wolves for comfort. But to maximize your effort, hunt Wolves in the Valley of the Giants

Once you’ve killed one of those animals, activate your Quantum Control, and harvest them to get the Pelts. 

How to Make Cured Pelt

To make Cured Pelt, you’ll need to construct the Pelt Drying Rack, which becomes available at Hunting Level 2, after you’ve found your first set of ruins and gold meditation chamber in Enen, the beach biome. You’ll need 6 Wood and 4 Dead Plant Fiber to build it. 

Once you’ve built the Drying Rack, simply interact with it by pressing “E” on PC or “X” on an Xbox controller and Square on a DualShock. Doing so will bring up your inventory. Select a Pelt, and it will be added to the rack automatically. 

Pelts take a relatively long time to dry and turn into Cured Pelts. You can check the progress of a Pelt by walking up to the Drying Rack, which will display its completion percentage. Do not remove Pelts before they reach 100% completion; you will have to start the process over if you do. There does not seem to be a way to add Pelts of any completion percentage back to the rack at the percentage they were removed.  

And that’s that for Cured Pelts in Retreat to Enen. To see all of the items that require the material, head over to our complete crafting recipes list right here. 

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