Roblox Pixel Piece Best Races Tier List

There are five races in Roblox Pixel Piece with various chances of being rolled at the start of the game. Each race has its advantages and disadvantages, but players can always improve their stats with special fruits. Our tier list guide will provide you with the best races in Roblox Pixel Piece, including their roll chances, important stats and abilities.

S-Tier Race in Roblox Pixel Piece

Oni Race

Getting an Oni is really hard, but it’s worth trying over and over again. It has the ability to evolve into an Elder version of itself that makes it even stronger.

By default, the Oni has improved physical strength (1.3x) and damage resistance (1.2x), as well as +100 HP and improved XP gain (1.4x). You won’t find stats this high in any other race in the game.

A-Tier Races in Roblox Pixel Piece

Pixel Fishman Race

Fishman has one of the most important skills in the game, and that’s quick swimming. You don’t need any fruits to get this skill, Fishmen just have it.

The developer of the game also gave it an improved XP gain (1.3x), and promised to add a set of Karate moves to this race in future updates.

Mink Race

If you specifically want to focus on high strength build, then the Mink would be a great choice. Though the Oni is better in most ways.

The Mink race has an increased stamina (+100) and physical strength (1.2x), as well as access to Electro damage, which should be available in one of the upcoming updates.

B-Tier Races in Roblox Pixel Piece

Pixel Human Race

Most players will likely end up playing as Pixel Humans in Roblox Pixel Piece, and it’s actually not that bad.

Humans have increased stamina (1.3x) and HP regeneration (1.2x), as well as an ability to evolve into the new Cyborg race, which should be available soon.

Note that this is the only other race that will get an evolution aside from Oni. Once this update gets released, Pixel Human will definitely jump a tier or two up, depending on the overall power of Cyborg.

Pixel Skypian Race

Pixel Skypians have the lowest stamina and health boost numbers in the game (only +25 each), which makes it the weakest option. But it does have improved agility, which is necessary for it to be able to glide once players jump off tall structures.

It does allow you to travel a certain distance, but it’s still not a proper flying. In this case a Spin-Spin fruit would be a better choice on any other race with better stats.

Those are the best races in Roblox Pixel Piece. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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