Rocksteady applauds players for ‘breaking’ Suicide Squad with infinite damage scaling bug, but decides to fix it and start a new leaderboard

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad has finally arrived, and been met with something of a mixed reception. PCG’s Morgan Park was pleasantly surprised by the endgame but, getting there’s something of a grind and you wonder how many players will even stick around that long. Rocksteady’s aim is to keep the game vibrant with regular updates, and the “live service” label hangs on this thing like an albatross, but we’ll have to see how that shakes out over 2024.

The game’s launch has, from a technical perspective at least, gone pretty smoothly: until now. Rocksteady’s issued an update on the game’s Discord about a bug that’s allowed players to acquire Mastery Levels “beyond our wildest expectations.” When the developer began looking into why, it soon realised the problem was with the Burn status effect, which applies damage over time. 

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