Signalis First Puzzle Solution Guide

Signalis begins in media res, putting you directly into the action after your spacecraft has already crashed on an icy planet. As you explore, you’ll quickly be faced with the game’s first puzzle: entering a keycode to open a locked cryogenic pod. It’s possible you’ve already found the solution but just didn’t know it. 

Below, we’ll tell you where to go from the starting point, how to find the photograph you need for the code, how to find the cryogenic pod, and what the code actually is. We’ve listed out important rooms as signposts, so be sure to bring up your map if you get lost. 

How to Find the Photograph & Key Code

When you first gain control of LSTR, your character, exit the Maintenance room in which you start. Take the ladder up from the Lower Gallery to the Upper Gallery. Go through the door at the bottom of the screen to enter the Forward Hall.

From here, go through another door bathed in a green glow at the bottom of the screen to enter the Flight Deck. Once in the cockpit, interact with the picture taped to the landing and docking assist monitor in the upper left side of the cockpit. 

Editor’s Note: The photograph will be where the red circle is; it had already been picked it up in this screenshot.

Exit the Flight Deck, and go back to the ladder. Go through the door at the top of the screen into the Stern Hall. Go past the crate and through another door at the top of the screen to enter the Cryogenics Lab. Once inside, you’ll see a locked cryogenic pod in front of you. You’ll need to use the keypad to the left to open the pod. 

How to Solve the Cryogenics Room Puzzle

Open your inventory, and inspect the photograph. The key combo solution is on the back, represented by the red squares. Leave your inventory, and interact with the keypad, pressing the buttons as follows:

  • Top left
  • Top right
  • Middle center
  • Bottom center
  • Bottom right

If you enter the combination correctly, you’ll solve the first puzzle. The cryo pod will open and drain, revealing the Airlock Keycard, which you’ll need to access other areas of the ship. Problem is, it’s broken, and you’ll need to repair it. 

How to Repair the Airlock Keycard

Go back to the Upper Gallery (where the ladder is), and go through the door on the right side to enter the Mess Hall. Inspect the computer console at the top of the screen, and take the Adhesive Tape. Leave the console, and enter your inventory. Combine the Keycard with the Adhesive Tape to repair it. 

And that’s all you need to solve the first puzzle in Signalis. Now that you’ve repaired the Airlock Keycard, go back to the airlock off the Forward Hall to continue your journey.  

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