Signalis Fuse Puzzle Solution Guide

As you make your way through the basement levels of the facility after fighting the Mynah boss in Signalis, you’ll eventually need to solve the Fuse Puzzle to get the Paternoster Looping Lift back up and running. This will help you reach certain basement levels much more efficiently a little later on. 

This quick Signalis guide will tell you where to find the Fuse itself and how to solve the puzzle that stops your progress cold unless you solve it. 

How to Find the Fuse

Make your way to the southern portion of Level B7, where you’ll find the Dining Room off the Dining Room Hallway. It’s the room next to the currently-immobile Paternoster Lift. Mind the two enemies, and go to the back of the room. The Fuse is on the counter next to the coffee maker and note

You can actually pick this up after falling through the hole in the floor of the ARAR Dorm on Level B6 into the STAR Dorm on Level B7. The Dining Room is directly across the hall outside. 

How to Solve the Fuse Puzzle

Return to the Paternoster Engine Room on Level B5 with the Fuse in hand. Interact with the panel to the left of the door when you enter, and place the Fuse in the slot on the left side. 

The Fuse Box will light up. You’ll notice green numbers on the right side and white numbers written on the box itself above those. The goal is to match the green numbers to the white numbers, in this case, 800 on the top and 230 on the bottom. These represent the volts needed to power the generator and, ultimately, the lift. 

Between those numbers and the Fuse itself, you’ll see a row of seven switches along the bottom of the box. Flip them in the following order to align the voltage numbers; we’ll number them 1-7 from left to right.

  • Switch 2
  • Switch 4
  • Switch 6
  • Switch 7

And that’s all there is to solving the Fuse Puzzle in Signalis. Restoring power to the Paternoster Power Lift will give you access to a new area and make traversing the facility’s lower levels a relatively easier prospect than it would be otherwise. For more on this modern survival-horror masterclass, head over to our Signalis guides hub.

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